Who we are

Today's Beauty Center (TBC) is a beauty and lifestyle brand founded in the heart of Los Angeles' fashion and art district. Comprised of some of the best and brightest in the health and beauty industry, we're quickly expanding and are preparing to launch our second retail location in fall 2019 located in Orange County, California.

Our mission is to educate all of our customers and clients in every industry about the best options for organic topical remedies, natural skincare solutions, as well as hassle-free delicate makeup for all applications. We've made an impact on the retail, home care, and fashion sector with our innovative and exclusive product lines. Our reach has gone so far as impacting doctors, nurses, and licensed aestheticians in delivering the best post-procedure care and treatment.

About our company

In a hectic urban environment we saw the need for a brand that focused on comfort, relaxation and healing. That's why we only represent and recommend products that we tailor to an increasingly stressed and overwhelmed demographic. We like to think of ourselves as an oasis in the fray, catering to the needs of those that need to take a moment to appreciate themselves and perform the self-care that every individual needs to live a fulfilled and happy life.

We hope that our recommendations for all-natural organic health and beauty products will help to ground our customers and provide a connection to the natural beauty around them. By spreading the mission statement of brands we know are environmentally ethical, we believe we can make an impact on the environment and reduce the amount of waste we see in cities everyday.

What sets us apart

When you're a TBC customer you can feel comfortable knowing that the products you're purchasing are always derived from all-natural and organic cruelty free sources. We're proud to provide products that are always ethically sourced and derived from the best ingredients. We do our best to make individualized customer recommendations based on allergies, preferences, dietary and ethical restrictions, and more.

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